Since 1975 we have been working to improve your job.

Leader in producing professional abrasives for all materials.

Abra Beta has been an outstanding benchmark for professionals operating in the abrasive sector since 1975. Our industrial facility has always dedicated passion and utmost commitment to product quality and customer care.
The company has grown over the years, consolidating its presence on both the domestic and international markets, earning itself a leader position in the production of bonded abrasives.

O.S.A. members
We are members of the Organization for the Safety of Abrasives (OSA) because the safety of professionals who use our products always comes first. For this reason, in addition to the discs and mounted points, we manufacture fiberglass reinforcement nets in our plant, to guarantee the safety of our products.


Beta group.

In 2018 Abra Beta joined the Beta Utensili Group, as part of a highly ambitious industrial growth project.
The continued development strategy of Abra Beta and the group has led to the creation of a product range of over 1400 references, to provide our partners a serious and complete service.

In 2020, Abra Beta completed the acquisition of Elpa Abrasivi, a reference point in the flexible abrasives market. The acquisition of Elpa Abrasivi allows Abra Beta to complete its production of hard disks with discs and flap wheels of absolute quality.

Abra Beta’s mission is to confirm its reputation as a reliable superior quality manufacturer for every single product it supplies.